Where & When

Where? -We play the Football & Tag Rugby at Beechen Cliff School 3G pitch

The games take place outdoor on astro turf at:
Beechen Cliff School, Kipling Avenue, Bath, Somerset, BA2 4RE

The Running session takes place at Royal Victoria Park, Bath. Meeting at the Royal Crescent -Telephone Box 6pm.


We hope that you meet new friends, team up with old friends and have a great experience.

After the session remember to find time to have a coffee or beer/wine but if you have to rush off that's fine also!

When? - Games/Running session are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday start times depending on the sport.

Tag Rugby takes place at 7pm every Tuesday, Football every Wednesday at 6pm and the Running session every Thursday at 6pm.

Who? - The Players/Runners!

The main focus is to have fun - not to win at any cost! However we expect the games to be competitive and we will try and match up teams to be equal. This may mean moving people around during a game so expect a few changes. We want you to enjoy a great workout, meet new people and certainly make new friends. We don't want injuries and expect players to play with a spirit of friendship. Bad behaviour and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

The Running session welcomes any level of running. We start with the usual short warm up the go into a short circuit you can do in your own time or with someone happy to go at your pace. Runs will vary but we want to keep them interesting and fun so expect a few changes!

Team sports for the over 50's!