Our Values

Our Mission & Vision

To promote healthy living and wellbeing to the over 50’s through increased physical participation in teams sports and improve socialisation via providing a framework to meet a wider network of friends of a similar age. Our Vision is to see Old Dogs games in every Town and City in the UK

Our Values

  • To create a comfortable, enjoyable, positive and supportive atmosphere in which participants enjoy team sports for the over 50’s.
  • To have a culture of team spirit, fairness, commitment and responsibility.
  • To improve participants individual skills and fitness levels by improving physical condition.
  • To conduct Life in The Old Dogs affairs in a professional and diligent manner.
  • To treat friends and guests with the same high standards one expects to receive and to be honest, courteous, approachable and do what is promised.

Our Objectives

  • To improve participants physical wellbeing.
  • To improve participants mental wellbeing.
  • To improve individual development including skills.
  • To hold regular (monthly) social meetings outside the sports hall to improve socialisation and community development.
  • To help tackle inactivity for the over 50’s.
  • To make the team sports competitive but always fun and played with the right team spirit.
  • To be inclusive and encourage everyone who is able to join in.

Team sports for the over 50's in Bath & Cardiff

We want to make Life in The Old Dogs an easy, practical and attractive choice to play team sports for the over 50’s, especially for those people who tend not to take part in sport activity!