Old Dogs License

Run Life in The Old Dogs Games in Your Community!

How do you fancy running your own over 50’s Team Sports games in your local area and become part of a ‘Life in The Old Dogs Community’?

Now you can with the assistance of a Life in The Old Dogs License.

The games have been running for over 4 years in Bath, Somerset and organised by one individual (retired over 60 year old who wanted a project for fun and stay busy and healthy) and his digital marketing son. These new activities have resulted in not just new team games for the over 50’s but the development of a new community. It’s been hugely rewarding and resulted in a very positive impact on the local over 50’s community.

Life in The Old Dogs is all about reconnecting the over 50’s back to Team Sports that they used to play as young people. Today’s 60 years old is the new 40!

Life in The Old Dogs has many benefits including fitness and wellbeing but equally important is the social connections and new community it creates. Players will become friends, they play for fun and meet up after for drinks, food, networking, etc.

Life in The Old Dogs fills a gap between the veterans games currently played which are highly competitive and mostly suit the over 40’s to the relatively new walking sports which are in plentiful supply but obviously played at a walking pace with no running allowed.

Taking on a License to run games under the umbrella of Life in The Old Dogs will generate an income and depending on the cost of venue/pitch hire and the price selected to play will result in a surplus to benefit the Licensee.

Who Would Make a Great Licensee?

The License would suit partners like local authorities/universities or commercial companies in the leisure industry but it would also suit individuals who love sports and want to keep fit (and get paid!). Once up and running the teams and games basically run themselves. People play weekly and are extremely loyal and want to play in a team again!

It’s More than Just a Team Sport

In addition to weekly games, a  monthly social event takes place in Bath called ‘Who Let The Dogs Outwhen players from all the sports meet up for a drink to catch up, meet other Old Dogs and enjoy a night out!

The Old Dogs games have resulted in new friendships, new contacts and social networks opening up. A monthly e-Newsletter is circulated to keep players up to speed on games and social activities.

Being the organiser of the games is a key position to orchestrate new events/ideas and in Bath we have had players represent the over 50’s GB squad in Tag Rugby to play at the International World Cup (picture above). The Old Dogs Football group play 11 aside games against other teams around the region. The Basketball Team play against other regional teams for fun ‘away’ games. The Old Dogs Running Group have also entered a team for the Bath Half Marathon and other local running events.

In the future, there are plans to orgnanise a yearly Old Dogs Conference and Tournament alongside future activities such as Ski trips and tours.

Life in The Old Dogs can be what you want to make it and what time you want to put into it from just running a simple game every week to doing lots more. It’s really down to you or your organisation.

What Makes a Good Old Dogs Licensee

If your organisation has a responsibility or even an obligation to get the over 50’s more active then an Old Dogs programme is an ideal and inexpensive ‘tool kit’ to bolt onto your existing portfolio. If helping the over 50’s get more exercise, to enable these residents to meet more local people for social engagement is a target for you, this community project is perfect for you. It’s easy to set up, it’s a proven model, its incredible value for money, it’s financially sustainable and will actually more than cover it’s costs. You also became part of a wider programme and your teams will engage with others around the country. Kind of like a Parkrun for Team Sports.

Alternatively, this is an ideal retirement project or for someone with a few hours spare time who wants to keep fit and get paid for it! Once set up with a large squad of players, it will basically run itself since players are very loyal and want to book in and play every week.


All the artwork will be provided (which must be used to maintain the brand), a set up marketing plan will be provided which will be based on a proven template around digital media and a small print requirement. An ongoing marketing plan will also be recommended but most players are attracted via word of mouth once you are up and running. You can get going on a basic marketing spend but you could spend much more if budgets allow.

You will agree to the Old Dogs T&C’s which are to ensure basic warms up are run and games are played in the right spirit. Bad behaviour is not accepted and players play for fun.


Your costs to operate an Old Dogs Licensee will be a small yearly fee to connect you to the Old Dogs network, pitch hire, public liability insurance (around £60), a very small marketing budget (mainly one off and continued social media/PR) and the cost of a booking system. In place of buying your own booking system I would highly recommend the use software such as the Spond App which is FREE. Spond acts as your booking system, takes payments and has a communications platform as good as WhatsApp.

The License allows you to run up to 4 games but if you want to run more than 4 games that is also not a problem but an additional small fee is payable.

Hiring sport centre/leisure centre pitches can be difficult (due to the high demand after 5pm) and often expensive during the evenings but many schools/colleges/universities have indoor halls for hire and many have outdoor astro turf pitches with floodlights for all year round hire.

Cost can vary from £25-35 for a hour hire for a pitch/hall outside London.

To keep costs down I would highly recommend the use of the Spond App which is totally FREE and enables players to book in and pay with simple ease.


All games will be a minimum of 10 players.

Charges per game can vary but we would recommend at least £6 per game, per player.

Once games are up and running, I would also recommend a small yearly Old Dogs Membership fee per player to cover your Licensee fee and help with other small costs.

Obviously this is only an example and prices and fees can vary from place to place.

Start by Getting in Touch

If you are interested in becoming an Old Dog Licensee get in touch with myself (David James) Email me at help@lifeintheolddogs.com and I can send you more details and a copy of the Terms & Conditions.