The Basic Rules of Netball

1. You cannot travel with the ball.

2. There are only 7 players on court from each team at all times unless a player has been sent off by the referee.

3. You cannot snatch or hit the ball out of a players hands. This is called contact. You must stand beside the player until the ball has left the players hands.

4. When defending the ball, you must stand 3 feet away from the person with the ball.

5. Players cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds. This includes throwing it the air, no-one else touches it and you catch it again. Or bouncing the ball.

6. Players are not allowed to move into the areas that they are not designated to.

7. When the defense in the circle are called up by the referee, they have to stand beside the shooter. The shooter has the decision of shooting the ball or passing the ball.

8. When the ball goes out of court, the team who last touched the ball hands the ball over to the opposing team. They have 3 seconds to stand outside of the court at the line where it went out and pass the ball.

Netball Player Positions
Netball Player Positions
Player Role and What They Can Do

Goal Keeper [GK]
Netball Goal Keepers are only allowed to play inside their own end third and goal semi-circle.
The principle role of a netball Goal Keeper is defending your team’s hoop, preventing the opponent’s GS getting the ball for a shot, working with your team's GD player, and taking throw-ins.

Goal Defense [GD]
Netball Goal Defense players are only allowed in the centre, their own goal defensive third, and their goal semi-circle.
The netball Goal Defence is also in charge of defending and protecting their end third. GD's try to prevent the opposition's shooters from getting the ball into their team's half circle.

Wing Defense [WD]
Netball Wing Defence players are only allowed in the centre and own goal third (but not their own goal semi-circle).
Wing Defense players protect their end third and attempt to intercept and keep the opposition from scoring. WD's reduce the effectiveness of the opposing Goal Attackers.

Center Player [C]
Netball Center players are allowed to play anywhere in the entire net ball court except inside the two goal scoring half circles.
Playing at the Center position role in netball means you wear the bib with the large letter 'C'. Center players perform a linking role between attackers and defenders.

Wing Attack [WA]
The netball Wing Attack is only allowed in the centre and enemy goal third but not the goal circle.
Wing Attack players play inside the opponent's end third. They should be positioned at the top of their team's scoring third at the restart or start of a game.

Goal Attack [GA]
The netball Goal Attack is only allowed in the centre and enemy goal third including their goal circle.
Goal Attack netball players also do a similar role working closely with the Goal Shooter to score. Playing in this position means you are also allowed to shoot through the hoop to get points for the team. GA's go forward and either feeds the ball into the semi-circle to the shooter or take a shot at the hoop themselves.

Goal Shooter [GS]
The netball Goal Attack is only allowed in their own shooting circle and their circle third.
Playing at GS position means you are responsible for scoring from inside the opposing team’s end third or semi-circle. The shooter's main role is to score so they stay in the opposing team's third and half circle, trying to get the ball to shoot into the netball hoop.