Do I need to be fit to join in?

Games are competitive but abilities as well as fitness levels vary considerably. You certainly don’t need to be super fit but you will be running around (at your own pace) and being part of a team. Check with your doctor if you have any doubts. If still unsure, come along to watch. You will be made most welcome at any time. All players take part at their own risk of injury.

Are the games fun or serious?

We create a competitive but fun, safe and thoroughly enjoyable environment to play team sports at your pace with you in mind alongside like minded people. Not played a sport in years? - no problem. Feel like you are not fit to play? - you will soon improve if you start! Don't want to embarrass yourself?- you won't, we only laugh together.

Do I need to be good at the Sport I want to play?

Certainly not! We have a very wide scope in terms of skills for the sport. You may not have played the team sport for years (even since your school days!) but that should not stop you coming along to give it a go! The idea is to have fun, get some physical exercise, maybe win a game (you know how good that makes you feel!), meet some new friends and enjoy a bit of team banter before, during and certainly after the game. You will be surprised at how quickly you improve both physically and skilfully.

Who else will be playing?

Everyone has to be over 50 to participate and we get players much older than that. We get people attending who will not have played the sport for years alongside a few who play in the ‘back yard’ with family members, right up to people who have played in veteran leagues. In effect all sorts of different people with different levels of skills, abilities and fitness levels. That is part of the charm with us trying to match the teams to give maximum enjoyment.

Which session/sport can I join?

Simply register (once), then go to the Sports Page and see what’s available for the time and day that suits you. We book via an App called Spond, pay on-line (£5 per game) and turn up on time. Try not to cancel or this could leave teams un-even. If you do need to cancel, try and give us as much notice as possible so that we can re-advertise your slot and match the teams back up. You can Book weeks in advance to ensure your regular slot.

What happens after the Game?

The idea is not only to have some physical exercise, fun, banter and competition but also to meet new friends and find a new network of people who share your love of sports! You may decide to go for a coffee, go for lunch or even a liquid refreshment! It’s up to you. You may prefer to dash off for other commitment and that’s fine also. We hope to create an Old Dogs network with things like regular lunchtime talks, trips and other spin- offs.

I’ve never played that Particular Sport Before? Should I Book it?

Even if you have never played that sport before (or not played it for years), don’t let that stop you from joining in. We welcome everyone, no matter what your abilities and skills. We try our best to match the teams and you will quickly improve once you get going. We might even have to explain the rules to you but that not a problem either.

I have not exercised for years – can I still join in?

If you are totally out of physical condition, not exercised for years, this may not be for you! Firstly consult your doctor and get medical advice. If you are on a GP referral scheme you could soon work up to playing with the Old Dogs (what a target!). If your doctor gives you the all clear and green light come and watch a session, talk to us and then you might find it could work for you. All players play at their own risk of injury.

I currently Play Walking Football – will this be the same?

No. This is not walking Football, Basketball, Tag, Netball etc. However, as you get fitter via walking football, the Old Dogs sessions would be a good move forwards if that’s what you are looking for. Our games are competitive and include running as well as walking (when tired!). We certainly don’t expect you to run for the entire game, you go at your own pace but we do expect lots of running.

Team Sports are NOT for us older folks?

We might have to disagree with you here! We don’t stop playing because we get old, we grow old because we stop playing! Todays 60 is the new 40! Don’t let age get in the way of enjoying a run out with team mates to compete and have fun at the same time as exercising! What a great way to get fit, have real fun and meet new friends. Now that doesn’t happen in your gym!

What do I wear?

Ideally you need a good pair of outdoor or indoor sports shoes. There are plenty of sports retailers (who need your business!) so go and talk to them and tell them what sports you are going to play. Please shop locally and ideally use a local independent shop! Our local traders are great and they really need our support.

Why is there a charge to take part?

The cost is £5 per game which covers the cost of the pitch hire, running the website and keeping the back of office up and running. We want to keep the price as low as possible. There is no yearly membership fee, registration fee or indeed hidden charges. This is about welcoming and inclusive sports, not selective expensive prohibitive participation.

How long is the Activity?

All sessions are for one hour but you can book back to back slots if you wish and you are up to it!!
Every session starts with a gentle warm up with sport related stretches.
This lasts around 10 minutes before the games starts.

Who's behind Life in The Old Dogs?

This is a community based project and the idea and execution of David James and his digital marketing son Ben!. A two man Team! but always looking for help! The vision is to have Life in The Old Dogs games going on every week in every town and city in the UK.